Infinity War Feels, Hot Heroes, and Intergalactic Romance

May 6, 2018 • By

I finally saw Avengers: Infinity War over the weekend, and while I knew there was going to be a BIG ending, I am rather proud of myself that I managed to avoid any specific spoilers beforehand. I had to scroll fast on Twitter and FB; I had to warn my kids that if they heard spoilers at school they were NOT to repeat them at home. And it worked! So when the end came… I HAD THE FEELINGS.

But mostly, I think I’m okay. And that’s because I went right home and Googled the hell out of “Infinity War Ending.” I like some of these theories I saw, and I’d already formed a few of my own on the drive home. Thank you, Dr. Strange, for being more interesting in this movie than you were in your own. (No offense Benedict, I heart you). But I’m OKAY. I AM. I mean…I think I am, so long as what I think is going to happen actually happens. There. Spoilery-free review.

On the book front, I’ve read two really fun books:

A CURIOUS BEGINNING, by Deanne Raybourn. Historical mystery with just a dash of romantic tension, with the promise of more in future books in the series. Hot and brooding lead hero (with an eye patch and lots of dark secrets!) and an admirable heroine (who has a rule that she will only take part in romantic trysts with men from other countries). Here’s my review on Goodreads.

I’m almost finished with GLADIATOR, Anna Hackett’s first Galactic Gladiators sci-fi romance book. There are upwards of ten in this series, and I can see myself picking away at them, for sure. If my Kindle’s battery hadn’t died and I didn’t keep forgetting to charge it, I would have finished it by now. Very cool setting, lots of action, and if you’re looking for steam, it’s here. Like, a sauna full of it. And I love alien stories, so I’m in.

This week, I’ll be working on my own alien YA WIP, something I plan to publish (under my YA pen name Page Morgan) by the end of 2018! It’s been my Sunday Funday project for a few years now, and considering I’ve finished books one and two, I think it’s time to get these out there for other sci-fi lovers. So, more on that soon!